George Clooney Returns To ER To Snuggle

I haven’t seen ER since approximately 1996, but I do love George Clooney, so I tuned in to his brief return to the show last night. The episode, about a grandmother (Susan Sarandon) trying to find her daughter so they can say goodbye to the daughter’s brain dead son and give away his organs, was very slow, human, and quietly touching. In other words, for anyone who’s used to love-watching House or hate-watching Grey’s Anatomy, it was a total snore and even George phoned it in. But it wasn’t all for old people! George Clooney took his shirt off and cuddled nurse Hathaway in bed.

Oops, nevermind, that’s still for old people. Gotta please those old ladies one last time. (The full episode and a bunch more Cloon clips are here.)