Andy Richter Controls The Internet

Here’s another on-line comedy sketch featuring Andy Richter. This one is about sex.

Lindsay says this video reminds her of this. I’m not sure I see it. But I am sure that Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert are really funny. it’s weird that no one likes them and that I’m all alone in enjoying their work. And for those of you who thought that this latest Andy Richter video was not really that funny with the exception of the line “he’s been raping my entire family,” which did make you laugh but mostly the sketch seemed kind of obvious and once the mom gets into the bed you see where this is going so that by the time the cops show up there are no surprises whatsoever and even the auto-erotic asphyxiation and banan blow-job don’t really get the laughs they might deserve, YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Andy Richter, yay! (Thanks for the tip, Michael.)