Jon Stewart Takes Jim Cramer To The Principal’s Office

After a long week of feuding in the media (even bringing Martha Stewart into it), Jim Cramer visited The Daily Show last night for a 12-minute ratings-boosting spectacular. Jon put on his serious disappointed-dad tough love mask, and stridently (maybe too stridently) took Cramer to task for elitism, hypocrisy, outright lying, and, especially, talking about doing illegal things in old grainy cellphone-shot clips from a 2006 live interview. Cramer must not have a leg to stand on, because he basically sat there and took the punishment and promised to do better. As with all of Jon Stewart’s “serious” interviews where he gets all righteous and riled up, it was very uncomfortable to watch (has Jon seen Frost/Nixon recently or something?) Hopefully now that this is over we can go back to the Jon who makes us laugh with his funny faces. Here’s the full, uncensored interview in three parts:

The very self-aware, conflict-minimizing intro:

Part One: How this got started (these are mistakenly labeled “outtakes,” but they’re the full interviews, uncensored):

Part 2:

Part 3:

Cool. Now can Oprah please do that exact same thing to Chris Brown?