What The FFFFFFFF Happened To Victoria Jackson?

If you are like me, then when you were growing up (at the turn of the century), one of your favorite things to do was stay up late and watch Saturday Night Live. It really was the only show that seemed to have some kind of magical parental leniency clause about bedtimes. “Whoops who dropped this 10 dollar Monopoly bill on the ground? Just look the other way, mom.” The Saturday Night Live sleep-over party is a coming-of-age experience, like a secular Bar Mitzvah.

And if you are like me, then over the years you have wondered whatever happened to Victoria Jackson. She really hasn’t done anything of serious significance since she left the show in 1992 besides making the occasional single-episode cameo on TV shows like Sabrina: The Teenage Witch and Duckman. If you were to google her, you might have found her personal website (paid for by Jukt Micronics), but who googles Victoria Jackson? No, for the past 16 years, you have simply wondered about her, quietly in the darkness, humming “Somewhere Out There.”

Until now. Girl appeared on FOX News and SPOILER ALERT she’s FUCKING CRAZY.

WOOF. Just to clarify: there’s nothing wrong with Victoria Jackson having conservative politics. Plenty of smart not-insane people do. The problem is with her having candy spoon whisper politics. She is so nuts! (Via HuffingtonPost.)



Cool. Bartender, a round of Tabs on me.