What Does The Pie Stand For In Britney’s “If You Seek Amy” Video?

Just kidding: it’s her vagina. It’s all her vagina. All the words. If you haven’t seen the video for Britney’s “cheeky” song, “If You Seek Amy,” it dropped today:

She looks great! Remember when self-aware winking at the audience wasn’t a cliche? Now that pop stars do it, it doesn’t make me feel so smart anymore. I wish pop stars had thoughts that weren’t about the paparazzi and their image and how famous they are. That used to be nice. (Also, how mad must Britney be that Lily Allen can just call her song “Fuck You,” but she has to sing about the slice of lime in Amy’s drink just so she can spell out “F-U-C-K”? Life is so not fair!! The lime also represents her vagina, btw.)