Is It Just Me, Or Is *Everyone* Flirting With Paul Rudd?

Paul Rudd was on The Daily Show last night, and he was awesome, duh. After dancing seductively for Jon last fall while promoting Role Models, this time Paul chose another dance, and one that is close to my heart: the dance known as “the old prospector.” But something funny happened: I swear to god, Jon Stewart seemed to be kind of FLIRTATIOUS with him! And this isn’t even the first time this has happened this week — as mentioned yesterday, David Letterman seemed similarly enamored, though he didn’t jump out of his chair with delight like Jon did at Paul’s dance. Does Paul Rudd possess the magical powers of cross-sexual-preference seduction?

Jon jumped up not once but twice — again when Paul joked that he’d kept the I Love You, Man cup Jon was holding in his pants. Conspiracy theorists might say that these seemingly smitten talk show hosts are playing along with the bromance theme of the movie Paul’s promoting, but if we apply Occam’s Razor, the truth is revealed: Paul Rudd is just the most likable actor in the world. Done and done.