Jimmy Fallon Gives An Audience Member Acquired Situational Narcissism

As you might have heard, Jimmy Fallon and his guests, the DiggNation guys and Russell Brand, did a thing last night where they chose a guy in the audience and made him a Twitter star. Young Bryan Brinkman had just seven Twitter followers last night, but as of this writing he has 22,002. It’s a pretty inspired publicity stunt for the show, and what must have been a very fun day for Bryan, but what’s next for our naive young hero, upon whom fame has been thrust as suddenly as it was for, say, Sully? Here’s the video of Bryan’s Courteney Cox “Dancing In The Dark” moment, as well as some advice about how to handle fame.

Look, they all have their laptops out on stage just like a liveblogging party (What’s that? I don’t know what that is.):

Awww. Neat. We have a Twitter too, so we know the Twropes (though I’m just guessing on the fame advice.) So here are some tips for Bryan as he navigates the rocky shoals of Twitter-iety:

1. Don’t use your Twitter money to buy meth.
2. After bedding a groupie, flush the condom or you’ll end up paying child support. (Your fellow Twitter celeb Diddy can probably give you some advice on that.)
3. Most importantly: do not Tweet about how tired you are or what you just ate. Nobody gives a shit.

Good luck!