Joe Scarborough And Mika Brzezinski Are Not The Ross And Rachel Of MSNBC

I guess it’s pick on Joe Scarborough week, but man, I do not really care for the attitude of that guy, (my) former congressman and lazy internet user. Last night, Joe and his co-host, the once-puked-on-by-Richard-Belzer’s-dog Mika Brzezinski participated in a panel discussion about TV news last night, and things got awkward when an audience member asked about their sexual tension, so someone put it up on YouTube:

Her husband clips coupons! So embarrassing? It’s true that they do talk about their spouses a lot, like when Joe Scarborough said his wife was going to kill him for accidentally saying “fuck you” on the air. (Just a reminder: Joe Scarborough said “fuck you” on the air. And he’s not a comedian.)