Paul Rudd’s Friends Dare Him To Say Weird Phrases On TV

The debonair Paul Rudd was a guest on Letterman last night, and once again it was clear Dave really likes Paul. Their budding bromance was obvious as Paul told a story about trying to act tough in his early auditions, and a carefully-worded anecdote about the time Henry Kissinger caught him furiously pretending to jerk off to entertain a friend at a party. But the best part was when Paul’s friends dared him to say the phrase “the debonair Henry Kissinger” in a Role Models-promotiong interview on a European TV show, and Dave showed the clip.

Part One: Henry Kissinger catches Paul “doing something lewd”:

Part Two: The clip of Paul completing his dare on TV:

Paul Rudd will be on The Daily Show tonight, so keep an eye out for nonsensical phrases if you watch.