The Mysteries Of Pittsburgh Don’t Care To Shake These Zipper Blues

The Mysteries of Pittsburgh trailer, you guys:

I didn’t even know this existed. (You can’t fire me, I quit.) And to be honest, the beginning of the trailer had me nervous, what with the overly-intense synth-brood music. But by the end of the trailer it definitely does resemble Michael Chabon’s fun and funny first novel, right down to the slightly overbearing stress on the idea that growing up is MEANINGFUL and IMPORTANT (but dude wrote it when he was, like, 15, so we can forgive him for having the heavy-hands of a baby).

What is it about coming of age stories that never gets old even after you yourself have already passed through the cleansing fires of adolescence (or post-college head-against-wall-banging, or whatever)? It’s like hearing “1979” by the Smashing Pumpkins. Even when you get to the age where you realize that the song doesn’t actually make any sense, you’re still like “Oh man, memories. I could really go for an ice cold VISA card right now.”