Role Models Is Out On DVD Today

Role Models, aka the only good comedy we’ve been given in the past five months, came out on DVD today (I never got around to seeing Four Christmases, but I think I can still stand by this.) If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it, the comedy that was criticized by comedy nerds for being “mainstream” because it was directed by David Wain, whose fans want him to starve to death, wasn’t actually mainstream at all — the entire last third of the movie is a (spoiler) epic battle in a park between children and adults dressed in medieval costumes (it’s more than that, but that’s basically it, and it’s hilarious.) And the movie’s moral, about sticking up for the underdog, is more complicated than the marketing about boys becoming men would suggest. It’s also totally earned.

And Bobb’e J Thompson is undeniably a revelation. Here’s a clip of him slapping Stiffler:

Anyway, Role Models. Until I Love You, Man comes out, what else is there to do?