Oh Phew, The American Idol Non-Emergency Is Over

So, there was some “hilarity” this week when American Idol decided to create a top 13 of finalists rather than the customary top 12. SOME RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN. The thing is, the 1-800 numbers for people (people = 12-year-old girls) to call in are in sequential order through 12 for the normal number of finalists, but the next number in the sequence at 13 goes to a phone sex operation. Can you believe it? Your mom thought it was hilarious. She and all the girls stood around the bowl of Brachs in their sensible shoes and Lots Of Loved.

The question on all of the moms’ minds, though, was how would American Idol solve this incredibly complicated problem?

From the AP:

The Fox TV show _ which has 13 finalists this season instead of the usual dozen _ had to choose another voting line besides 1-866-IDOLS-13 because that number is owned by a phone sex operation, promising to connect listeners to a “nasty girl” for up to $3.99 a minute.

Ryan Seacrest dialed the number on his radio show Tuesday morning. Bemused and appalled, the “American Idol” host said it’s as if the show “tried to script some kind of joke.”

Seacrest got producer Megan Michaels on the line, and she explained that Tuesday’s show will unveil a special G-rated number for the 13th performer.

Oh, they’re going to just get a different phone number. One that doesn’t go to a sex line. Huh. I guess that works. I can’t wait until they UNVEIL it. The excitement is literally killing me. I’m dead.