Joe Scarborough Is An Idiot.

Joe Scarborough Is An Idiot.

So this morning Jim Cramer went on Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe to sit there looking sheepish and saying “Jon Stewart’s a comedian” over and over while Joe did all the work of trying to defend Cramer against Jon Stewart’s “unfair” attacks. This was one of Joe’s arguments, which he repeated over and over: they could go back and show Jon Stewart mocking the surge and General Petraeus but they “can’t” because The Daily Show, unlike Cramer’s Mad Money, doesn’t “have transcripts.” That’s funny, Joe Scarborough, because I just went to “” and entered the word “surge” and guess what popped up? A bunch of videos you could use to make your argument if it wasn’t still misguided! Do I really have to be Joe Scarborough’s intern today?

Here’s the Morning Joe segment (warning: maddening), in which Joe says that Jon Stewart has his people “scouring” “hours of video”:

And here’s just one of the many examples of Jon Stewart criticizing General Petraeus that are available to anyone capable of doing even the most basic search:

Well, it looks like Jon’s predictions were, from the vantage point of this particular moment in history, fortunately incorrect, but if finding this video seems like a strange way to defend Jon Stewart, keep in mind that Jon Stewart hasn’t run around all week claiming that it doesn’t exist. Joe Scarborough’s transcript argument could be a sign that he doesn’t know about how the internet works now or, more likely, he’d rather use seventh grade’s most popular comeback for when you don’t have a leg to stand on: “I could say a bunch of things right now, but I won’t.”

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