Jim Cramer Learns Not To Fuck With Jon Stewart

Last week, after CNBC’s Rick Santelli canceled his guest appearance on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart memorably went off on the entire network, using their own words to prove that they’re ethically bankrupt kiss-asses who are basically always wrong. After that got huge on the internet (or “Twitscape,” as Jon called it) and Jim Cramer whined to the media about his words being taken out of context, Jon clarified his position last night: the CNBC takedown was planned even before Santelli canceled, and oh, by the way, Jim Cramer is a big fat fucking liar and here are a bunch of videos that prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Ahh, why is Jim Cramer so solemn and creepy and sweaty in the Wall Street Confidential segment? Is he on ecstasy? (That would explain a lot.) I’ve never had an interest in CNBC or cable business news channels of any kind, but I’m riveted by this feud. Jim Cramer, the ball is in your crazy court.