SNL Just The Funny Parts: The Rock Obama

The Rock is not a terrible comic actor, but SNL seems to think that the funniest thing about The Rock is dressing The Rock up in girly clothes and making him sing and dance. You know, because he’s a big scary guy, so the cognitive dissonance is automatically funny to some people. So while Saturday’s episode probably appealed to the middle-school slumber party demographic (an important one), it did nothing for me. Literally nothing. Like one tiny chuckle and maybe three “ehs,” not to build it up too much. The five funniest or most notable sketches, after the jump.

5. Jessica Biel was there, appearing as Jessica Rabbit stealing Cathy from the Cathy cartoons away from Irving, played by Justin Timberlake. Wooo, surprise famous people!:

4. The Activia commercial where everyone pooped in their pants had some funny lines, but it’s mostly notable for the appearance of dreamy comedian and SNL writer John Mulaney as the crew member:

3. The sports show with the alien. I imagine teenage boys consider this a comedy masterpiece:

2. The Rock Obama: not as funny as the hype (The Rock is graded on a curve) but his impression is surprisingly good:

1. And just so there’s something actually FUNNY here today, this was the funniest SNL sketch aired on NBC this weekend, from their Sunday night commercial special, the classic, “Oops, I Crapped My Pants”:

Next week: Tracy Morgan hosts. Tracy Morgan just standing there ad libbing for an hour and a half would probably be funny, so hopes are high!