Introducing The Videogum Movie Club

Back in January, we wrote a post asking you guys for your ideas and suggestions on how to make the site better. One commenter, thedave, suggested that we start some kind of Videogum Movie Club, and the more we thought about it, the more that seemed like a really smart idea. Good work, thedave. You haven’t been commenting as much lately. You probably got that job as the President of the Ideas Factory.

Basically, this is going to be a way to start getting more main-run movie coverage onto the site, rather than just making fun of teaser trailers from the comfort of our pajamas and never actually following up when the movie comes out. But instead of just us going to see movies and shouting at you about it later from the highest tower of our blog castle, we’ll all go see movies together. Kind of.

The way it’s going to work is on Fridays, we will post that week’s movie club selection on the Videogum Twitter. Members of the Videogum Movie Club will then find a screening over the weekend at their local cinema that fits their schedule, and the following Monday, we will post our post about it and open the comments section (as opposed to how we’re always closing the comments section? Whatever, don’t be a NARC) to the Movie Club, and we can have a lively funtimes discussion about it. Teamwork. Friendship.

The inaugural Videogum Movie Club Selection: Watchmen. Let’s all meet back here Monday dressed as our favorite character from the movie. I’m going to be Mister Manhattan! See you there. Bye.