30 Rock Respects Our Childhoods With An Entire Show Based On Harry And The Hendersons

Last night’s 30 Rock came a little too close to having the exact plot of Baby Mama (I understand that Liz needs to want something for the show to work, but does it have to be a baby? So boring. Bring back Jon Hamm already.) But the episode was redeemed by an overarching Harry And The Hendersons theme. Only this show would choose such a seemingly-obscure but in fact deeply loved movie with which to pull at our nostalgia strings, and it was a smart choice since that movie seemed to have ran on a constant loop on HBO for all of 1988 (um, before you were born.) And they really got it right!

My favorite part was at the end, when Jack is being mean to Frank, telling him not to be a lawyer and to go back to the writer’s room where he belongs, because Frank starts walking away like an ape instead of a man at the end, JUST LIKE HARRY DID:

What other show would use a visual inside joke from a 22 year old mostly-forgotten movie? (Dear 30 Rock: do Willow next!)

(As always, you can watch the whole episode on Hulu.)