Slumdog Millionaire Is Like Mousercize But With Poor People


Apparently, there’s nothing Slumdog Millionaire cannot do. It can outperform heavyweight films at the box office, win eight Oscars out of nine nominations — and even help Americans lose weight!

Dancing to the tunes of Slumdog Millionaire has become a craze at many fitness and dance schools — as for example Kumud Mathur’s Dance 2 Health in Potomac, Maryland, where students meet every Tuesday to dance to Jai Ho and O Saya.


There’s nothing Slumdog Millionaire can’t do! It can aestheticize abject poverty to make rotting in the shadows look like a funtimes music video, and beat you over the head with its After-School-Special-caliber fantasy about fate to the point where it all just falls apart at the end because seriously?, and it can even help Americans lose weight. Check out these fun guys:

Ranesh takes a spin class, and I like hip hop aerobics.

They’re lovin’ it. Swimsuit season is coming up!