The Wrestler 2: Full Throttle

Mickey Rourke, eager to follow up on his career-reviving success in The Wrestler, and not letting Sean “Oscar Thief” Spicoli throw a damp blanket on his triumphant return to Hollywood’s A-List, has already signed on to reclaim his role as Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson in a sequel, currently titled The Wrestler 2: Full Throttle. In the new movie, The Ram has been cloned and his hair has been dyed black, and he’s kind of foreign. Or maybe Native American? It’s kind of hard to tell. Now, the original Ram and his cloned twin get into a time machine and go back to the mid-’80s, where they are hired by the FBI to work undercover, babysitting two out of control rich brats in a cocaine mansion in an effort to thwart an evil businessman’s devious plan to release dangerous toxins. Things get pretty wild, though, when the two old broken down pieces of meat decide to fight pasta with pasta.

Trailer for The Wrestler 2: Full Throttle after the jump.


P.S. Those are your clothes. This movie is actually a documentary called Hey Look, All Your Clothes. (Thanks for the tip, Ashley.)