Roger Ebert Talks About Dr. Manhattan’s Ejaculate, Obviously

Roger Ebert posted his review of Watchmen today. I haven’t really read it because NO SPOILERS. Since there’s absolutely no way to know what happens in that movie without seeing it or reading a review of it, absolutely no way at all, I am waiting for all the SURPRIZES. But I did skim the review. SOME SKIMMERS. Which is how I got to this section on Dr. Manhattan (or as I like to call him, Mister Manhattan, just to make the nerds mad):

He doesn’t lack emotion as the alien did in the recent remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still Fire [sic?].” He has simply moved far, far beyond its reach. From where he stands, he might as well be regarding a termite. Why does he even bother to make love with Laurie Jupiter? Not for his own pleasure, I’m convinced. And not to father a Little Manhattan, either, because as I understand his body he would ejaculate only energy. Could be fun for Laurie, but no precautions needed, except not to be grounded at the time.

Haha. As Roger Ebert understands, Dr. Manhattan would ejaculate only energy. That is his understanding. Is Roger Ebert missing anything here?

Man, Roger Ebert. Always the best, that guy. He takes it to the next level. Roger Ebert could review the phone book and I would enjoy it. I wish he was my dad. Living legend. Your keys, sir.