Diddy Is The Black John Kilduff

What were you doing last night? Sleeping? COME ON, YOU GUYS, WE NEED TO BE WORKING HARDER. Diddy spent the whole night in his home studio (“at Daddy’s house”?) working on his new album, yes, but also vlogging, updating his Twitter, mixing drinks, and conducting Popeye’s vs. KFC head-2-head taste tests. He recorded the whole thing as the first five installments of P Twitty TV. Get it? Because internet. The man is a monster. It was like an episode of Let’s Paint, Exercise, Play Ping Pong, Mix Drinks, Record an Album, Twitter, and Eat Chicken. (SPOILER ALERT: KFC sprinkles crack on their chicken, Popeye’s crushes it on the beanz.)

After the jump, P Twitty TV episodes 1-5.

P Twitty TV, Episode 1

P Twitty TV, Episode 2

P Twitty TV, Episode 3

P Twitty TV, Episode 4

P Twitty TV, Episode 5

I am telling you guys, we need to work harder! People like Diddy and John Kilduff have shown me that impossible is nothing. I’m not joking. The world is ours! Fried chicken at five AM will give us the electrolytes our bodies crave. Now let’s get out there and do it all. More! More! All!