One Week Poster Vying To Be The March Cover Of Duh Aficionado Magazine

If I only had ONE WEEK left to live, I would go to Wilson’s Leather and buy a pre-worn motorcycle jacket, because there simply wouldn’t be enough time to break one in myself. Then I would get on a rented motorcycle and I would ride out to a fucking stupid lake near some dumb mountains because of how life is short. Yeah. I would ride to the lake where they filmed the movie The Edge, because what one man can do, another can do. I’d get off the motorcycle and just, like, stare out at stuff, just really deep, like a teenage girl. I’d probably write some poetry on my jeans with a sharpie. Who needs nice jeans when you only have ONE WEEK left to live? I would put my hands in my pockets, but I would keep the thumbs out of the pockets, because even though I only have ONE WEEK left to live I am not going to stress it. I’m going to be cool out here by this pedestrian philosophy lake looking like a jerk. I would just stare out at stuff and think really intense thoughts about intensity, out there by that Grizzly Man lake, just in nature, saying goodbye to everything in my new outfit from the mall, because life is precious and God and the bible.