Tina Fey Performed A Private Dance For Bon Jovi And Me Last Night

So this is not an objective blog post about Tina Fey’s appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night. Tina was objectively GREAT, but last night will forever live in my heart since, in what turned out to be the exact opposite of a Double Dog dare, I managed to get tickets to be in the audience for the show (all the other tickets appeared to be snatched up by Jon Bon Jovi’s loyal fan base.) What a dream within a dream, but the important thing is: Tina was hilarious, and also gave fans some insight into the genesis of 30 Rock’s current hottest catchphrase: “I want to go to there,” and a special wait-for-it easter egg for 30 Rock superfans. Wooooooooooooooooo:

Tina’s full interview in all its magnificence. She doesn’t know who Robert Pattinson is!:

Later, Jon Bon Jovi responded to Tina’s joke (“Who hasn’t fantasized about dancing alone for Jon Bon Jovi?”) by inviting her to do so. So she did:

So we have our mission, fellow 30 Rock fans: look out for Tracy Morgan with a lollipop in his mouth saying “I want to have a lot of sucks tonight.” And, finally, if you’re planning to go see a taping of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (which was more fun than The Daily Show or Colbert — less forced clapping), be sure to SIT IN AN AISLE SEAT and you can shake Jimmy’s hand, as demonstrated by my friend Mark’s photo essay of my own handshake FAIL. (Thanks Mark!) (Woooooooo!)