Which Of These Stupid iPod Cases Is The Most Infuriating?

There is some website that for an exorbitant amount of money lets you buy laser engraved iPod cases featuring your favorite pop culture imagery, just as long as your favorite pop culture imagery is completely lame and irrelevant. Each graphic design is more infuriating and impossible than the next. It’s hard to decide which one I hate the most (BUT I WILL TRY). You might think it was this one:

Show who is a fan of The Tudors? There’s a fan of The Tudors? I don’t even know what that means.

After the jump, a descent into madness.

This Al Bundy design is pretty fucking infuriating.

Do you hate your life? Maybe the reason you hate your life is because you think that things like this are a well-priced way to express your individuality. You should save your money and invest in a laser-engraved gun.

Although, it’s not quite as bad as just putting the Juno logo on your iPod. Very, very infuriating.

Go blog yourself!

Obviously, the most infuriating laser-engraved iPod case design is going to be the one that stupid people actually buy. Which makes me think that this Jeff Dunham disaster takes the top prize.

Now everyone at the gym will know that you are an asshole.

In the unlikely event that the available designs aren’t stupid enough for you, you can customize your own for just a few dollars more. Here’s mine:

This guy gets it.

Now you create your own!

Endless possibilities! It’s a race to see who can come up with the most ridiculously obscure reference that no one would actually put on an iPod! Just like this company actually did for real! (Thanks for the tip, Steven!)