VH1’s Tough Love Has An Important Message: Fuck Women

Oh man. VH1 has a new show starting in March called Tough Love. From VH1 Blog:

For all the really great women out there that can’t seem to figure out why they are single – meet Steven Ward. This matchmaker is here to give women a unique perspective on dating – an inside peak into the male brain. Steven refuses to sugar coat anything and instead tells women exactly how men think and feel, so they can understand how they are perceived. This Spring, VH1 is putting his skills to the test with eight one-hour episodes of VH1’s Tough Love premiering on Sunday, March 15 at 10/9c. Steven’s brutally honest approach to matchmaking is what’s made him one of America’s most successful matchmakers. He has the guts to tell women not what they want to hear, but what they need to hear in order to find love.

Right. He has “the guts” to tell women what they need to hear. Guts = Job On a TV Show. No fear, dude.

In any case, that is a lot of words to describe the new show. Translated: a douchebag shits on women. Trailer for this sadness after the jump.

YEAH! Tell them! Tell these bitches!


I understand that the truth can be a painful thing to hear, or whatever, but this guy’s just being an asshole. “I’m the one who’s going to tell you that you’re an ugly fatty and a the c-word and that I wouldn’t fuck you with someone else’s dick, because that’s what you need to hear.” Fuck this guy. He even ELECTROCUTES THEM? Nice. Wake me up when I’m a size dead. The best is at the end when they all think that they’ve been done a favor. Bartender, another stockholmsyndrometini, please. But it’s like abusive assholes always say, sometimes you have to tear someone down just to build them back up again. Just shit in their face and ridicule them and bring them to tears and electrocute them on national television because you couldn’t get that job at Goldman Sachs to build them back up again.

I’m just not that into this.