The Apocalypse Sounds Like An Asshole

New trailer for Terminator: Salvation, you guys:

This movie already looked great, and now it looks more great. I hope that it makes so much money that McG can finally buy himself an adult’s name with an adult amount of letters. “Brian,” for example. Or “Mike.”

But, I do have one issue, not that it’s unique to this movie at all, but, um, is the Apocalypse really going to sound like that? When human existence has become an endless string of unrelenting suffering strewn across the hard-scrabble wastes of a Godless nightmare, are we really going to want to listen to a UFC mixtape? No. When we are faced with an unconscionable animal existence of desperate survival, we’re going to want to listen to something that reminds us of a gentler, non-cannibalistic time. I think the Apocalypse will sound like Nick Drake. I think the Apocalypse will sound like The Carpenters.

Of course, I have already made it known that when I am wandering down The Road with my son to carry the fire to the coast, I will murder my fellow man for a boombox, six DD batteries, and a cassingle of “Life Is a Highway,” because LAUGHTER IS THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP FROM CRYING!