Cougars Playing MGMT On iPhones

A band that calls themselves “The Mentalists” playing MGMT using iPhones for instruments. Does this somehow feel inevitable? Like it has always existed?

We spend so much time worrying about how we’re being manipulated by major corporations into buying or wanting or believing things we don’t need, we lose sight of what the cougars are up to. They, too, are getting together with their charming accents and their rudimentary grasp on technology, dressed in their slightly too young for their age outfits and their costume jewelry, looking to all the world like they are just out having the time of their lives when in fact they have devised the perfect trap to lure young men into their taloned clutches. Ladiez + gadgets + MGMT = LOOK OUT, DUDEZ!

This is just like when Catherine Mason played Fleet Foxes on her Blackberry Storm to seduce Nate Archibald!