McG Is The McWorst

McG, the director of this summer’s Terminator: Salvation, is possibly being faced with a studio-mandated PG13 rating for his movie and he is unhappy about it. Now, I will admit that I prefer my dark dystopian post-Apocalyptic nightmares to be rated R, for REALISM. Because the truth is that when the robobombs fall and we’re all pushing our shopping carts through the snow-like ash down Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, trying to keep our son from going crazy or dying of starvation while the roving gangs of cannibalistic nightmares hunt us down like we were barrels of precious gasoline, it is not going to be “age appropriate.” But, um, this guy? This McG? He’s the fucking worst. From Vulture:

Apparently WB is trying to get him to remove a scene in which actress Moon Bloodgood appears without a shirt. “Do you want to see Moon’s boobs in the picture?” he reportedly asked an all-male crowd yesterday (you can imagine the response) while actually seated next to the poor actress.

Oh gross. Not that I would expect much more from a full grown adult who calls himself McG. Of course he thinks it’s appropriate to pander to a hormonally-imbalanced audience of socially awkward teenagers at a comic book conference by aggressively stripping (metaphorically and literally) someone of their humanity. So chill.

Even sentient machines know that this guy’s a total 101011100010101er.