The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Drinking Game

After months of derisive speculation (and a lot of BACKPEDALING), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon premieres tonight (and officially launched their new blog this morning). Jimmy Fallon himself put it pretty well on his Twitter last night:

It’s true. After tonight, we will all know what it’s like.

Obviously, a show like this can take years to find its footing. Even I recognize that. Even I! Futures will not be determined based on the six minute wrangling of Robert DeNiro’s inevitably boring anecdotes (“blah blah blah, New York, blah blah, I’m old”). But obviously we are all curious, aren’t we? Aren’t we curious, you guys?

So, now we wait. We wait and we watch. We wait and we watch and we drink. After the jump, The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Drinking Game.

You Drink Every Time:

-Jimmy Fallon cracks his trademark “Boy Grin”
-Jimmy Fallon seems in over his head
-Jimmy Fallon runs a hand through or in any other way draws attention to his carefully mussed hair
-Jimmy Fallon references the internet
-Jimmy Fallon surprises you with an actually really funny joke
-You miss Conan

And throw in one drink to Jimmy Fallon’s health and success. Look, it’s completely possible that NBC has made a terrible mistake. This could really be as bad as everyone, myself included, has feared. But it is also true that Jimmy Fallon has made some pretty impressive hiring choices, with Sara Schaefer heading up the blog, and AD Miles heading up the writers room, not to mention the really talented people working on both of those teams. We can always throw him back under the bus on Tuesday, but despite his many apparent flaws and the potential weaknesses that seem to hang over the show like an awkward, unfunny cloud, Jimmy’s doing his best to keep things youthful and relevant and fun.

And I’LL DRINK TO THAT! (Woof. Sorry. At least we can all be thankful that it’s not Late Night with Gabe. So worst.)