Rob Riggle And Fred Willard Tell Teens To Slow Down

The Ad Council is running an unusual new series of PSAs urging teens not to drive recklessly. In each commercial, a comedian (so far Rob Riggle, Fred Willard and Rachel Harris) joins a car full of kids and is introduced (hilariously) by one of the kids as “my cousin from Michigan. He’s a teenager.” Then things get surreal. The ads in order of funniness, and some sad YouTube-comment evidence that teens still don’t get it, after the jump.

“Teenager” Rob Riggle tells his horse stories:

Fred Willard promises to haunt his new friends in form-fitting clothing:

Rob Riggle makes a viral video:

Rachel Harris, with a nice side-pony, talks about donating her eyes:

My first thought was that these ads were inspired and particularly effective and attention-getting, but if this YouTube comment is representative, um, nevermind:

Oops, that’s the joke! The next Ad Council PSA campaign should be about taking driver’s licenses away from Youtube commenters. (Thanks for the tip, Kevin!)