Shannen Doherty Has A New Job

Being famous is hard to sustain. We all know that. And when the champagne fountain is shut off and the caviar tureens are empty, there’s no one around to help a fallen fame pick up the pieces. They’re on their own. So, it’s always nice to see one who doesn’t stubbornly stand on faded glory, but rolls up their solid gold sleeves and gets back to work. Got 2 Get Paid. Nevertheless, Shannen Doherty’s new career is basically Regional Manager of Making Me LOL. From PopCrunch:

In another sign of a weakening economy, actress Shannen Doherty has accepted a second job as art director of a glossy monthly magazine. The former Beverly Hills 90210 star is now in charge of choosing cover designs and photospreads for Pasadena Magazine.

“Hey Shannon, how’s that photoshoot coming for next month’s cover?”
“It’s going great, Mark. I’ve got my camera in my purse.”
“What do you mean, you’ve got your camera in your purse?”
“After lunch, I’m going to go into the bathroom and take some self portraits of myself, MySpace-style.”
“Shannon, we’ve used MySpace-style self portraits of you for the past three covers. Even this year’s annual ‘Golf Issue’ was just a picture of you with your finger in your mouth.”
“I know, I think readers are really responding to the new direction of Pasadena Magazine.”

And scene.