Mr. T And Snickers Still Want Us To Get Some Nuts

After pulling their “crazy-homophobic” violence-against-speedwalkers ad last summer, Snickers and Mr. T are back with a brand-new addition to the “Get Some Nuts!” campaign. It’s weird!:

Wow, those Snickers people are just bound and determined to keep the “If Mr. T perceives you to be a wuss of some kind, he will show up in a helicopter and shoot our product at you until you are very scared and confused.” thing. Like, some Don Draper-wannabe at the ad agency is all “I don’t care if we had to pull that ad last summer, “Get Some Nuts,” with its double-meaning, is advertising gold.” That guy probably thinks that men everywhere are going to wonder if not eating a daily Snickers makes them less of a man. Notice that they gave the guy a GIRLFRIEND this time, so see, he is definitely NOT GAY. He just doesn’t want to be in a cold pool, so now he has to be in a cold pool with hundreds of floating chocolate bars. Yummm, Snickers! (Thanks for the tip, Alex!)