Oooh, A New Fetish: Women Who Love Large Objects

Yay, a new fetish! This is a good one: there’s a new documentary called Strange Love: Married To The Eiffel Tower, about women who are in love with — and have sex with — inanimate objects. Jezebel put together this hilarious highlight reel, that includes a woman giving oral pleasure to a roller coaster, and a lady in love with a crossbow:

This reminds me of one of the most fascinating This American Life segments, in which a guy who used to be a girl recounts his first months of taking testosterone, and how he found himself sexually attracted to refrigerators and copy machines. (You can listen here – it’s segment 2.) So with only this documentary clip and that radio episode to go on, I hereby diagnose these women as having too much testosterone. Done and done. (Via GoldenFiddle, where there’s also a 20-minute clip from the documentary.)