Angela Lansbury’s Video Kicks Vanna White’s Video’s Smug Little Ass

Well, apparently there was something in the 1980s where famous women made videos instructing normal women on how to take care of their bodies, and we just need to accept it for the strange thing it is and enjoy the excerpts as they appear one-by-one on YouTube. Last month, we saw video evidence that Vanna White was the original Gwyneth Paltrow, and today, thanks to Fey Friends, I’ve found the video I’m going to start each day with: Angela Lansbury rubs the aloe lotion on her skin, and tells us how to love ourselves, take baths, and be happy. This is a must-watch.

Notice how Angela pulled that off without even a hint of smugness or superiority? Vanna and Gwyneth could learn something from her. (Also, it’s really funny to watch the video and think of it as an outtake from Murder, She Wrote.)