Submit Your Sex Addiction Questions To Alexyss K. Tylor!

I have a question: where is your jacket? You can’t just complain about the cold in January when you’re standing outside in a long-sleeved shirt. If I didn’t know better, I would think that your inability to control your own body temperature might reflect poorly on your ability to give useful sex advice. Luckily, I know so much better. We all do.

The important thing is that this is a rare opportunity for regular people like you and me to get involved with an Atlanta-area cable access sex advice show. FINALLY. Will someone please submit a video question for this? It’s like I put a Double Dog challenge into the The Fly chamber and turned it inside out. That’s a reference that is both relevant and meaningful, right? Do it. Do it. Go ahead. Do it. Send her your Vagina Power questions and also send us your Vagina Power questions. It’ll be just like Improv Everywhere. Just think, in two years from now your video question to Alexyss K. Tylor about sex addictions submitted as a Videogum Community Outreach Mission could be the inspiration for a Sierra Mist commercial!