This Post Is The Extent Of Our I Love Money 2 Coverage

I recapped the whole first season of I Love Money, OK? I paid my dues. The thing is, for a show full of half-literate, alcoholic attention clowns, this show is kind of complicated. First there are the challenges, which are self-referential and require a fair amount of Celebreality knowledge just to understand the rules. Same with the contestants. Like any non-meritocratic elimination challenge show worth its weight in hokey tribal face-paint, alliances form, but on this show the alliances form according to pre-structured relationships depending on what shows the contestants come from. It’s like a Real World Road Rules Inferno Island challenge, if no one had been to college (or graduated high school) and everyone saw this as their last chance at making it before they resign to killing themselves. It’s not that I don’t want to write about this show, it’s just that THERE’S ONLY SO MUCH TIME IN THE DAY.

Season 2 is about to begin, though, and there’s a trailer for it after the jump.

Have fun. I’m sorry I can’t go on this adventure with you. (Recaps? Where this show is going it doesn’t need any recaps!) Say hi to Tailor Made for me.