Are You Guys Watching Lost? Because You Should Be Watching Lost

O. M. God.

Are you guys watching Lost? Because you should be watching Lost. These numbers are concerning me. Last week’s ratings were lackluster. The New York Times reported that “the show’s two-hour fifth-season premiere averaged 11.4 million viewers, a decline of nearly 5 million from a year ago.” I read somewhere that those numbers increase by 35% if you add in people who watch the show on DVR, but still. YOU BETTER DRUMLINE, Lost fans.

But I’m not actually talking to people who already watch the show. This post is for people who have never watched the show. What are you doing? Reading? Get with the program, you guys. She’s not writing any more Harry Potter books! Time for a new storyline to follow.

By the time you get to the fifth season of a show there aren’t a lot of people making the request that people start watching now. It’s assumed that the ship has sailed. But that is exactly what I am doing. Rent the DVDs and get ready for a wonderful adventure on a mysterious island! Last night’s episode was so good. I can’t wait for you to see it with the knowledge of the previous four seasons behind you.

Like, this scene?

This scene is great. You don’t even know. It must seem like total gibberish to you. Why is everyone yelling? That little boy is so insolent! You have got to catch up. My apologies in advance for season 3. That is going to be terrible. But season 4 is very strong. And then you will just have your mind completely f’ed by this season. Don’t even start watching this season until you have identified your constant.

Did I do it? Are you sold? Get to work!