Stephen Colbert Clashes Egos With Paul McCartney

Last night, Stephen Colbert gave Sir Paul McCartney the same treatment he gives our nation’s unwitting congresspeople in a new, probably short-lived segment called “Better Know A Beatle.” McCartney, or “The Fightin’ Walrus,” seemed legitimately befuddled by Stephen’s character, who, after finding out that Sir Paul had never seen his show, claimed to have never heard any Beatle’s songs. And then Paul accused the Dalai Lama of potential cannibalism, and then they sang together, proving Stephen Colbert can pretty much get away with anything:

“Then McCartney started the band Wings, best known for their song “Stop Requesting ‘Strawberry Fields’ That Was John.” If “Better Know A Beatle” is a real series, I’m already feeling sorry for Ringo Starr.