Jessica Alba Takes Bill O’Reilly To World War II School Kind Of But Also Not Really

Jessica Alba has finally broken her legendary silence via her MySpace blog, and she wants to clear some things up, you guys:

I want to clear some things up that have been bothering me lately. I find it depressing that in the midst of perhaps the most salient time in our country’s history, individuals are taking it upon themselves to encourage negativity and stupidity. Last week, Mr. Bill O’Reilly and some really classy sites (i.e.TMZ) insinuated I was dumb by claiming Sweden was a neutral country. I appreciate the fact that he is a news anchor and that gossip sites are inundated with intelligent reporting, but seriously people…it’s so sad to me that you think the only neutral country during WWII was Switzerland. Check out: if you want to see what I was referring to. I appreciate the name calling and the accurate reporting. Keep it up!!

Something tells me she does NOT appreciate the name calling and that she finds the reporting to be INaccurate! Because she’s not only a professional actress, she’s also a professional SARCASTRESS! (It’s going to be like this all day, I can just feel it.) The whole thing stems from a red carpet interview she gave during Barack Obama’s inauguration.

From US Weekly:

When a reporter approached her at an inauguration event last week, she tried to turn the tables on him by asking him what Barack Obama’s greatest characteristic was. When the reporter said he felt uncomfortable answering because he is a journalist, Alba replied, “be neutral – be Sweden about it.” later called her a “ditz” and an “arrogant buffoon” for saying Sweden instead of Switzerland when referring to the neutral country during WWII.

O’Reilly – whom Alba had called an “a-hole” at the same event – also called her “misguided” for mixing up the countries.

“Be Sweden about it”? That’s not a thing, is it? Like, I’m going to be as generous as it is in my capacity to be and PRETEND THAT JESSICA ALBA EVEN WROTE THAT MYSPACE BLOG, which let us be real with each other and have our eyes open to the world around us she did not. But you just don’t say “Be Sweden about it” no matter how neutral they were in the whole War That No One Needed To Be Neutral About Because Jesus Christ. The whole purpose behind expressions and references is that people understand what you are talking about, Jessica Alba. Looks like we both learned something today.