PETA’s “Banned” SuperBowl Commercial Will Not Make Anyone Vegetarian

PETA made a SuperBowl commercial starring hot women making out with vegetables, and now they claim it was “banned” by NBC. But everyone is calling bullshit publicity stunt on them. Here’s the commercial, which is super dumb:

Here’s the list of things NBC objected to, which is typical of a standards and practices censorship memo (those lawyers are very serious about dirty things.) Even if PETA did have the money to buy a SuperBowl commercial, instead of orchestrating this whole banned thing for publicity, wouldn’t it be money donated by people who think it’s going to help animals? And why so sexist? I don’t complain about the ads, I just quietly choose to buy my (hundreds of) domains from their competitors. But PETA is supposed to be a progressive organization. So let’s boycott PETA, everyone! Oh wait, pretty much everyone already does, because they’re the Scientology of animal charities. Well, anyway, go ASPCA!
(Via AdRants.)