What Is The Least Necessary Movie Released On Blu Ray?

Look, I love to see things in the sharpest resolution possible. I watch the world through 1080p eyes. I would rather watch TBS Superstation in HD than Friday Night Lights on a standard definition television. (That is not true, but it is an example that makes my point.) I’m a pixel snob. But so far I’ve satisfied myself with my PAUPER’S up-convert DVD player. The Blu Ray thing just reminds me of the Mini-Disc Player fiasco of the mid-90s, and I VOWED NEVER TO BE BURNED AGAIN. But that doesn’t mean I don’t see the appeal. Admittedly, in our current ECONOMIC CRISIS, spending 300 dollars on another DVD player in order to watch SLIGHTLY CRISPER movies that I have already seen seems a bit excessive, and yet I remain CURIOUS and KIND OF WANTING ONE. (Why am I YELLING SO MUCH?)

As with any nascent technology, there is a limited selection of compatible releases as the entertainment companies slowly acclimate consumers to the idea of replacing the DVD collections that they just started building up a few years ago, and, um, I was going through them today, and, um, there are a bunch of movies on Blu Ray that do not need to be movies on Blu Ray. Like, obviously The Dark Knight and Planet Earth are going to be great. Sold. I’m even willing to accept that someone might want to see Kung Fu Panda at its most vibrant. But something tells me the world could do without a Super High Definition copy of ROUNDERS. After the jump, please help me figure out which is the least necessary movie released on Blu Ray (to date):

Honorable Mention: Employee of the Month.

Obviously, it’s not So I Married an Axe Murderer. Anyone who bought that on boring old regular DVD is going to want to UPGRADE immediately. I’m pretty sure it’s either National Security (the original Paul Blart: Mall Cop) or Chain Reaction. That movie isn’t even exciting in 480p! (Resolution jokes are the sharpest jokes. Get it? Do you even get it?)