That’s Your Boyfriend: Joey Fatone

The TV Guide Channel (whatever that is) hired Joey Fatone to cover the red carpet at last weekend’s SAG Awards, NATURALLY, and he proved that he is now and will forever be your boyfriend. Here he is interviewing James Franco (via FilmDrunk) and just mostly being your boyfriend and your-boyfriend-ing it up all over the place.

It takes a special kind of talent to sound dumber than Turtle. “I’m sorry, Joey, there is no room for you in my Entourage.” “The white stuff but that’s something else never mind heh heh.” I can’t believe this guy hasn’t been hired to do ALL THE INTERVIEWS. He’s like our generation’s Terry Gross. It’s going to be incredible in 2012 when he moderates the presidential debates. Gwen Ifil is like “uh oh.”

And also you are in love with him and you want to marry him.