It’s Still Okay That Edie Falco’s New Show Looks Like House

As jumped-up-and-down-about last summer, Edie Falco is coming back into our lives as a nurse at a Catholic hospital who snorts Adderall and Vicodin, has uncomfortable sex, saves people’s lives, and feels guilty, and now there’s a trailer/first look type video. Is the world ready for a female, non-sociopathic House, MD? I think I am. Edie Falco will make us believe Nurse Jackie:

Yay, Edie Falco! But ugh, Showtime, with the over-explaining the central conflict of the series (“Walking the line between saint [the word “Saint”] and sinner [the word “Sinner].” I think the little red balls are supposed to represent medicine that helps people, drugs that Nurse Jackie snorts into her nose (duh), and all the little balls she has to juggle in the air as an Adderall and sex addict with Catholic guilt. (And possibly also testicles.)