“Save Our Cats From Fishermen” Might Be Fake, But It’s Messed Up Either Way

This video/PSA, in which a Southern Gentleman purports to have seen “rich, white” fishermen use kittens and cats as shark and marlin bait in South America, is starting to get very viral (along with the website To me, it seems fake, especially in light of PETA’s recent “fish are sea-kittens” campaign as well as fishy past reports of similar practices, but the shivering, wet kittens, even if green-screened, are disturbing. So I’m just reporting on a viral video hysteria-trend, here — please be warned that it’s not a fun video. But when your Mom sends this to you next week you can be like “Yeah, welcome to January.”

If this is real, it is, like many things, very messed up and sad. But let’s not overreact and blame James Franco for his choice of tshirt in Pineapple Express. Speaking of tshirts, bizarre anti-cat fishing shirts are available on this organization’s web site, where they promise “a portion of the net proceeds” will be donated to animal charities. A portion? How generous! Another reason to think this might be a sick joke. (Thanks, Bryant!)