The Great Buck Howard Has A Credibility Problem

A trailer was released this week for a movie called The Great Buck Howard starring John Malkovich and Colin Hanks. It also features Ricky Jay, Tom Hanks, Steve Zahn, Gary Coleman, all of the talk show hosts, and Michael Winslow. The story is about a college kid (Colin Hanks) who takes a job as an assistant to a washed up mentalist (John Malkovich) to the ridicule and concern of his friends and family, only to have the washed up mentalist suddenly hit the big time all over again, presumably putting the college kid right at the heart of all the action. It looks like a relatively benign movie that could really go either way. And by either way I mean it could be a family friendly comedy that is good, or a family friendly comedy that is bad. (With how you feel about family friendly comedies in the first place being another story.)

But there is one aspect of the The Great Buck Howard trailer that really strikes a false note, and its not the idea of a parlor magician suddenly being the most famous person in America. Trailer, you guys, after the jump:

“Suddenly, Buck was hip.”

Hip? Who says hip? A recent college-grad trying to break in to the entertainment industry anyway that he can doesn’t say hip. Grover Norquist doesn’t even say hip anymore. Not that a person who drops Grover Norquist references as his idea of a joke necessarily knows what is or is not cool to say. Never mind.