Blurbs From The New York Times Review Of Donkey Punch

Donkey Punch, the British film about a joke-sex-act gone awry that has awed the internet with its mere existence since last summer, finally opens in the US today, and even The New York Times has deemed it worthy of a review, by Stephen Holden. Highlights:

First, this sentence was probably very hard to write:

A young woman in the throes of passion accidentally dies from a donkey punch, a potentially lethal erotic stunt involving a blow to the back of the neck that is supposed to intensify the peak experience.

And they should really consider using these as blurbs:

“The enemy is within.” – The New York Times

“The orgy looks very real.” The New York Times

But it’s not all positive. Stephen Holden wanted more talking!:

“Because of their heavy northern England accents, the women’s conversation is so hard to decipher that you long for subtitles.”

And, finally, the sentence that makes me actually kind of want to see this movie (or sneak in after seeing a real movie):

The thuggish Bluey, a self-proclaimed sex addict who tells the story of the donkey punch and then tries to restart the orgy even after the fatal accident, gets the worst of it.

Stephen Holden took one for the team on this one. If anyone punishes his or herself by seeing this movie, do tell us if it has any value beyond telling people you saw it! (Thanks to Caroline for alerting us about the review.)