The Problem With Sundance

People complain about Sundance now that it’s become such a mainstream, Hollywood event. It’s just about partying, people say. It’s no longer about celebrating independent film, people say. These gift bags are too heavy, they make my arms sore, people say. Have you seen Kim Zolciak, I heard she’s dating Joe Francis now, people say. All of these complaints are fair. Those gift bags, I am told, can be very heavy. But the real problem with Sundance isn’t its obvious embrace of commercialism. We all have to eat! (And some of us have to eat food made out of diamonds, duh!) And the real problem with Sundance isn’t the emphasis on partying. We all have to party! The real problem with Sundance is that you get these fames far enough away from Hollywood, but all in the same place, and shit starts to happen that shouldn’t. For example, 50 Cent can perform “In Da Club” on stage with Tony Yayo in celebration of Jim Carrey’s birthday, and Jim Carrey will dance in between them like he’s MC Rove, and everyone will be like “Yay! Sundance!” when they should be like “Hey! Stop that!”

Someone needs to tell Jim Carrey that Yes Man was just a movie and that he can start saying no to things again.