Chance Gets Called A Homosexual, Again

I love Chance. Obviously. You may know him from VH1’s I Love New York, or from VH1’s I Love Money, or from the show he hosted with his brother Real, A Real Chance of Love. It is attention-seeking narcissists with ZERO FILTER who make the entire genre of reality TV great, but Chance may be in a class of his own. He puts Matsuflex TO SHAME. He’s like Flavor Flav without the decades of drug abuse and incarceration, which is kind of intense if you think about it, because at least you can trace Flavor Flav’s insanity to the DECADES OF DRUG ABUSE AND INCARCERATION. No one knows what’s going on with Chance. Although a lot of people have their guesses!

On this weekend’s up coming A Real Chance of Love reunion, Stalker confronts him on the real chance of liking dudes.

Zap. This is something he’s been struggling with for awhile. Rich over at the Scandalist points out that “though Stalker’s histrionics border on homophobia, seeing Chance being faced with an oft-whispered rumor and watching him squirm is fascinating.” Agreed. I am always hearing people who think they’re so special because they went to college complaining about the intellectual poverty of these shows and saying things like “these shows are terrible,” but Lemon and Donaghy were right: graduate students are the worst. THIS IS REAL TALK RIGHT HERE, JIM LEHRER. You could write a paper about this and you’d get an A, and not just because of grade inflation.