Videogum PSA: Please Don’t Take Your Shirt Off And Recite Poetry On YouTube

A tipster sent this in yesterday. It’s a shirtless man reciting a poem very passionately on YouTube. I feel like a dick for posting it, knowing that there have been plenty of times in my life where I’ve both written and recited poetry, though I consider myself fortunate to have done so to a mirror and not a video camera, and to have grown out of that phase by age seventeen. As you watch this, I want you to think about your own most earnest moments, and give thanks that you chose not to broadcast them to the world. Also he totally cries at 1:50:

Yeah, I’m a dick. But it’s so creepy! Internet people: poetry is great and all, but please resist the urge to do this, it will not have the effect you’re intending. I promise. That said, I’ve saved a copy of this to use as my new go-to birthday video e-card.