Lost Is About To Get A Whole Lot Lostier

Oh man. So it begins! Lost starts 2nite u guyz! Are you pumped? Here are the questions I have for the new season:

  • What is up with all these polar bears?
  • What is up with the smoke monster?
  • What is up with in the hatch?

Hopefully the exciting and much-anticipated second season of Lost will begin to answer my pressing questions. JUST K’ing. It’s season five, silly. We already have the answer to all but two of those questions!

After the jump, two clips from tonight’s episode that SPOILER ALERT looks like it’s going to be siiiiiiick.

Wait, so that’s the heroin plane carrying Mr. Ecko’s brother? Which means the island traveled back in time? PERFECT. With just two seasons left, it’s nice to see them carefully wrapping everything up. I heard the working title when they were first shooting the pilot was Absolutely No Loose Ends Island.

I don’t know what Sayid has spent the past two years doing that has made him so paranoid, but I know what he hasn’t been doing, and that is getting a haircut. Same goes for Hurley! Coincidence?! You guys are off the island now, WORK IT OUT.

Oh man. Lost, you guys. They should change the name of this show to YESSSSSS!